Welcome to Motor City E-Bikes

Motor City E-bikes bring you the best quality electric bikes fresh off the assembly line delivered directly to your door. Most Bikes at the stores in all of our towns are super heavy weighing over 120 lbs… No throttle and super low watts at usually 250 watt. Our bikes can be programed to be custom for what your ride needs. Our batteries are waterproof and weatherproof as well as the safest type of battery called the Lithium-Ion. Our Bikes come in 500 watt & 1000 watt with 48v for the fastest ride your would ever want on a bike. Basic models come with a regular mountain bike fork, our other 1000 watt model has an upgraded heavy duty motorcycle fork. Extra batteries can take you much farther when your order a few more to take on the road ranging in price from $599 (500 watt) to $999(1000 watt). Full suspension give you ease & comfort while you’re adventuring down sidewalks, dirt roads, trails and off road.  30+ mph is not a problem and can go farther than 40 miles on a full battery with light peddling.  Our bikes also come with throttle, hydraulic disc brakes, 26 gears, 4.0 fat tires, cell phone holder and charger, p.o.s. or peddle assist and a hidden battery compartment. Our folding frame makes this bike revolutionary and sets us aside from all other electric bikes… Nikola Tesla patented the electric motor back in the mid 1800’s. The electric motor hasn’t changed in 150+ years and we are proud to use it today in our C750 electric full suspension bike! Be one of the first people in your town driving to work for pennies a day!