Welcome to Motor City E-Bikes

We are a small bike company from north Detroit. We saw that most bike stores didn’t not carry throttle bikes with the rear hub so we decided to do something about it. We started our company a few years back and swore that we would only sell the finest electric bikes with upgrades you never see on the giants, treks or specialized bikes. After a few years of money raising and research we had the perfect bike to unleash on the public. What set us apart from most companies is we have 500 watt & 1000 watt folding electric bikes. When you ride our electric bike peoples heads turn. They actually try and turn there heads to read the name as our electric bike rides by. 180 years after Nikola Tesla patented the electric motor, we now have the batteries to power them on bikes! Our batteries are Lithium-Ion ONLY. We do not use the cheap lipo or lithium-poly batteries which were the main reason with cell phones and laptop batteries were having problems years ago. We keep our prices way lower than the competition by sending the bikes directly from our factory. Any bikes we sell have full defect warranties on up to one year and 6 months on batteries. So here we are with the best bike in the world… Of course we started riding to work. We hooked the Lanke Leisi C-750 Plus to a smart plug and to everyone’s surprise the bike was under a $1 to fully charge, which made the commute extremely enjoyable.

David Green