Buying Electric Bikes

How To Buy The Best Electric Bike

  • Are you planning to buy an electric bike asap but overwhelmed by all the options?
  • Do you find it tough to figure out what to buy, with all the options of bikes, motors and batteries?
  • Are you feeling stressed out about this, because you do not want to make an expensive mistake?
  • Are the sales people and the competing web sites just making it harder to choose?

You are not alone! Everyone goes through this when they buy for the first time they buy an electric bike. Through years of personal experience, test riding hundreds of bikes, and extensive research, I have learned all the variables involved in picking out the best electric bike. I can help you:

  • Hub Vs Geared?
  • Hidden Battery?
  • Fat Tires or Regular?
  • Folding Frames??
  • Full Suspension Frames?
  • 1000 Watt Vs 500 watt?
  • Hydraulic Brakes Vs Disc Brakes
  • Triple Crown Vs Standard Front Fork Hydraulic Shock
  • Lcd Screen Vs Phone
  • 48v Vs 36v
  • Shifters

Hub Vs Geared?

There is a huge debate going on right now in the electric bike community… Some say gears are better and some say hubs are better… In the end it is all about where the weight is at, middle by the gears or back wheel… We see very little difference if any in both styles of motor…

Hidden Battery?

If there is a bike that has a hidden battery and it doesn’t effect the overall watts, get it! 1000 watt hidden batteries are rare and expensive plus they don’t attract unwanted attention…

Fat Tires or Regular?

For safety reasons we tell people to get FAT TIRES #4.0, we have seen bike testers fall off and not be able to stop at speeds over 15 mph very easily. If it is at all possible, get fat tires 4.0 # or #5.0 and not only will you be able to stop going fast the bumps in the road are much softer.

Folding Frames??

Most people don’t know about electric bike let alone folding electric bikes… Most electric bike are heavier than regular old mountain bikes and need a special electric bike rack to hold them on your car incase you want to take it anywhere besides your hometown… A folding bike can fit right in your trunk or S.U.V. without the need of a expensive bike rack! Here is a good example of a folding electric bike. 

Full Suspension Frames?

This is all about comfort and a stress free ride. Riding down the street hitting pot holes or cracks that could toss you into the air on a electric bike going 15-50 mph would be nothing on a full suspension bike. Most non electric full suspension bikes still run $1000 at walmart and at the local bike shops are around $2000 to $6000 with out any upgrades…

1000 Watt Vs 500 watt?

This all depends on what you need an electric bike for, are you going to be trail riding, rugged hills and long distance? Need speed? A normal 1000 bike can hit speeds of 50 mph with the right rider weight and a light electric bike!

Hydraulic Brakes Vs Disc Brakes

There is very little evidence that shows either being much better, with a good ebike what you want is the brakes to SHUT OFF the motor when you apply them. Always ask your sales team member if the ebike you are looking at cuts the motor…. You don’t want to throttle your bike off a bridge because you hit the brakes and your throttle was twisted at the same time. This usually only applies to throttle with peddle assist bikes.

Triple Crown Vs Standard Front Fork Hydraulic Shock

Here is where things get serious, a normal front fork shock is ok for regular bike stuff. When you hit the same bump or hold with a electric bike going 20-40 mph you can have major problems. Falling off your bike or being thrown into the air at high speeds sucks and can kill you easily, where a helmet and get a really nice front fork. Triple crown forks are something you don’t see on mountain bikes ever so when you see one it is mind blowing. The comfort of your ride will blow you completely away compared to anything else you have ever sat on or rode.

Lcd Screen Vs Phone

Don’t get a bike that needs a cell phone to operate, you have already enough to think about with range, hills, cars, time and weight to factor another thing like a dead cell phone. LCD screens are cheap incase they break and they are very low watts so not much to keep lit at night or day. We recommend getting l.c.d. screen for sure!

48v Vs 36v

Always go for more, if you have a chance to get more energy in your battery that equals more distance!


Always try to get name brand shifters, Shimano are everyones favorites and seem to hold up good on electric bikes!

Peddle Assist Modes

When you peddle the bike sensors give extra power to the motor which assists your speeds. Some are assisted by tons of gears and some assisted by gears in the crank set. Just depends if you want of gears or do you want magnets and copper wires in a hub… In our opinion the hub motors are better because you get a choice to use peddle assist modes or throttle where as any other type of motor is usually peddle assist only… No fun : (

This is our #1 Electric bike pick!