This is the LankLeisi C-750 PLUS with upgraded fork, upgraded 1000 watt lithium ion battery, 4.0 fat tires & folding frame! Listen to what others have to say about the lankeleisi electric full suspension folding bike.

Jim Greenfield Says…

“The LankLeisi C-750 PLUS was better than I ever imagined, tires are super big at 4.0 size which is crazy, suspension is full and really nice, water proof cables & hidden battery just to name a few of the best features.  The rear hun motor comes in 2 sizes, 500 watt or 1000 watt. I first rode the 1000 watt with all the bells and whistles and what I felt was complete comfort as if I was floating on pillows. I jumped up and down and the heavy duty front fork was taking all of my 230 lbs without any problems at all. After hoping on at I knew that this fits people in the 5 foot 5 inch and up. I am 5 foot 11 inches and its just a little high off the ground. Everything else is perfect as can be! I went to my local bike shop before to see what the prices were. The mountain bike that was the nearest to mine was a 250 was peddle assist only, no fat tires, no heavy duty front fork, doesn’t fold for easy storage and weighed even more than my  lankeleisi bike!!! So I took it for the long ride down dirt trails, pavement, street, sidewalk and grass and I was instantly hooked. The torque and power of this bike with all the weight is awesome. Moves very fast at 30 mph with peddle assist and with a 160 lbs should go much faster. I cruised through the back roads of my home town, going places on trails I have never seen before… And when I was almost home hours later I looked down and the digital lankeleisi e-bike interface said 25 miles! I think I peddles 3 times while on that ride and I looked at wife and said we need these in our life. Before this I was walking up all the hills in my around my house and I am 75 years old! I did try some other bike besides the lankeleisi and they weren’t as good and couldn’t put it in the car trunk. I would need a bike rack and there is no way I want this on my bike rack! This bike is great and I love being able to go up hills again with speed”