Lanke Leisi C-750 Plus Vs The Specialized Turbo Levo

First I am going to review the C-750 since it was the better choice by far.

C-750 Plus 1000 Watt

  1. 62 lbs
  2. Fat tires # 4.0
  3. Heavy Duty Triple Crown Front Fork
  4. Hidden & Removable Battery
  5. FOLDING Full Suspension Frame
  6. 1000 Watt 48v
  7. Shimano Gears
  8. Hydraulic Brakes
  10. 9 Peddle Assist Modes

When we first sat on this and tested the Lanke Leisi C-750 Plus we all looked at each other and said the same thing, this is most comfortable bike we had ever touched. We had all had expensive bike our whole lives and they always came standard everything with just a better name and a little bit more quality. But thus was like comparing a Ferrari to a chevy malibu… Nothing like this bike in any stores today… Every thing on this bike is upgraded fully with fat tires and the motorcycle front fork. You never see that type of upgrade on a bike EVER!!!

So we folded the 1000 watt C-750 plus into our Malibu trunk and took off into the morning sun. The bike was a bit heavier than any bike we were used to and the folding throws you off but after a few minutes I got the hang of it! Unfolding this electric bike had everyone at the park staring at us because I am sure they had no idea what I was pulling out of the trunk. It looks like a motorcycle as well so we knew the looks would come from all over the place!

When we hit the trail the first thing I noticed was that I love throttle on a bike, I could peddle if I wanted to but If I wanted to actually not peddle I didn’t have to… Just twist the throttle and I was off, and I could go very fast… I hit 35 + mph on a trail where no one was around and it felt amazing! Nothing mattered as far as bumps, pot holes, cracks or whatever, this c-750 plus electric bike powered right through soft as a feather.

When we charging the bike took about 7 hours and for a 230 lbs rider I went 20 miles barely peddling at all. When I did peddle I could go about 70+80 miles depending on how much I peddled, but still I was not peddling hard… All in all I loved the C-750 Plus 1000 Watt Electric Bike and it had upgraded I had never even seen on a bike from a store in Michigan. I would say a bike like this would sell for $15000 in a store.

Specialized Levo S-works 250 Watt

I am not impressed with the specialized levo s-works electric mountain bike. I spent a weekend riding the Specialized Turbo Levo on humid foggy Michigan paths, opening my eyes to compare the Levo to the C-750 Plus Lanke Leisi. Each battery lasted 30 to 40 miles, giving me plenty of area to explore new paths and locations.

The levo had a boring 3 modes in peddles assist

40-50 Miles on peddle assist (NO THROTTLE)

Specialized Levo S-works $12,999 Electric bike

  1. 44 pounds (8 pounds less than last model)
  2. 250W Motor mid drive
  3. non removable battery
  4. No throttle on the bike at all : (
  5. Regular standard front fork shock
  6. Standard tires

In short: Get ready for a lot the same bike that we have seen the last 10 years. Not much changing here to warrant the HUGE PRICE TAG…  $12,999 for an electric bike should mean upgraded all the way but not the case with the specialized Levo Turbo S-works. The Levo performs comparably to a low-end mountain bike. The team at Specialized in china modeled it after the Stump jumper, adjusting a little of the geometry for all the added weight of the battery and a heavy mid drive motor.

Weighing in at 44 pounds — 8 pounds less than the previous year’s model — it’s not light to lift over a tailgate. But I noticed a big difference while riding it down my street. Looks like a revamped bike from the bottom up, still with the Levo having a new chassis, motor, and battery the bike still is not worth the money in our opinion. The lack of features make this bike look like a joke compared to other bikes like the C-750 PLUS and give it plenty of space to upgrade in the years and decades to come for specialized.

Specialized Turbo Levo electric mountain bike

Last week I rode a 3-hour trail with a group of e-bikers through roots and rocks along rolling cross-country paths. On the Levo S-works Specialized electric bike it was ok, the shocks were just ok and standard, the frame seemed like a full suspension frame and the tires were just ok as well…

With the levo s-works the 3 pedal assist modes are ok to use, but older people will be falling without throttle on hills. When you go up a hills in peddle assist you can get to a point where you can peddle any more and then you might fall from the weight of the bike.

With the c750 Plus when you get to that point you just twist the throttle more to give it more energy. So you have much more control…

The winner is C-750 plus 1000 Watt

You can take a look at this monster of a bike from